The consumers of legal counsel run the gambit from very savvy business people that deal with litigation on a regular basis to individuals and small business owners whose only contact with the legal system may be through jury duty or television.  Television, jury duty and John Grisham novels do an excellent job introducing the public to the trial side of civil litigation.  Many people only have an abstract idea of appeals through news articles relating to a criminal sentence or constitutional issues, but in New York, the Appellate Divisions and Appellate Term allow a direct appeal from most orders.

Throughout the course of litigation, you will face setbacks.  Judges make mistakes, and sometimes you have no choice but to appeal.  Hiring appellate counsel provides many benefits to litigants.  Appellate counsel provides a fresh perspective on your case, and will, with input from trial counsel, craft a successful strategy to either preserve or reverse the order from the court below.  Appellate counsel’s experience provides clients with an advocate possessing greater familiarity with the rules and procedures of the appellate courts.

After nearly seven years working as a Principal Law Clerk to a Supreme Court Justice in both the Supreme Court and its Appellate Division I developed a unique perspective on brief writing.  Many attorneys may take Continuing Legal Education classes or read books concerning how judges render their decisions to gain insight into a judge’s mindset.  Some of these attorneys may even rely on a clerkship that lasted a single year to support a belief that they have a window into the minds of the judges rendering decisions on your cases.  I, however, crafted over 1000 trial court decisions and many appellate division confidential reports and slip opinions concerning nearly every substantive area of New York law for almost a decade.  While the judges always have the final say, in New York state court, at almost every level, you need to convince the law clerk first.

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