Courts are made up of humans, and sometimes they make mistakes.  In New York State litigation you need not wait to appeal these mistakes until after a trial.  New York law provides for a direct right of appeal of most orders issued by trial courts.  To successfully defend or reverse a trial court’s order in the appellate process requires detailed analysis and research.  Unlike federal appellate courts or the appellate of other states, the Appellate Divisions of New York’s Supreme Court may review both the facts and law presented to the trial court when it rendered the decision.  You, or your business, benefit from retaining separate appellate counsel by receiving a fresh perspective.  After working in the Appellate Division, Second Department the Law Office of Jeffrey Alfano brings a unique perspective to the appellate process not offered by many other firms.

The Law Office of Jeffrey Alfano seeks to work within your budget to provide you the best outcome possible.  You now have the opportunity to put a litigator trained by international law firms on your side.  Call to discuss fee arrangements and a comprehensive file review.